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At Madeline’s Hair Replacement we understand hair loss and the emotional effects of hair loss. We’ve been designing, fitting and styling hair replacement systems since 1966. So when we say, “see what Madeline’s can do for you” we mean we customize the process of getting a hair replacement system to meet each client’s individual needs. We have systems for all hair loss needs. We know not all hair loss is the same so we have the expertise to create a custom system that brings your hair back to the natural density you once had. Whether you are experiencing a small amount of thinning or complete hair loss we have the solution that is right for you! Creating custom designed non-surgical hair replacement systems to restore the natural density, volume, and healthy look of your hair is our expertise. Our hair replacement systems can replace or fill in hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a totally natural look regardless of the type of hair loss you are experiencing.

Now it’s easy to have a full head of hair that looks, moves and feels just like your own natural growing hair! Our systems are undetectable and designed to recreate your style.

It’s our goal to help you feel like you again!

Let us free you from your hair loss worries! Setup a free consultation to see what Madeline’s can do for you! We have a private consultation room where we go over all options in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We will determine what will work best for you! 

In order for you to achieve the best results with your hair, we not only provide you with the hair system. We work with you to create a hair style that perfectly reflects you. We then also work with you to make sure you know how to care for the hair. This is best achieved in three appointments.

Consultation Appointment

The first appointment is a consultation done in a private consultation room. At this appointment we take measurements to get a feel for size and shape of your head. The most important part of a successful hair system is being sure the fit is right. Then we look at hairstyle, texture, density, color and wave to determine what system will work best for you. There are many factors that make an impact of which system would work best. Once we’ve determined the system that works best for you we schedule a cut in appointment.

Cut In Appointment

Your second appointment is the cut in appointment. At this appointment we would have you come in and work with you to get the hair to your desired style. We will cut, thin, color, and style the hair, depending on what is needed, to make it look like you. At this appointment we will also go over how to take the system on and off and how to care for the system. You will leave with your hair system that day and wear it for about two weeks.

Follow up

After two weeks we have you come back in for a follow up appointment. At the follow up appointment we ask you about how your experience with the hair system has been. Having worn the hair for two weeks, if you’ve found that you want some changes to be made we adjust the system. If no changes are needed we simply go over how to wash, condition, and style the hair. We show you how to use all the maintenance products that are included with the hair so that you can feel confident working with them on your own. We provide you with written instructions on how to care for the hair, but we’ve found that seeing it done in person makes it a lot easier for you to do on your own. We are always available to help if ongoing services are needed and encourage our clients to reach out to us if they need anything.

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