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All stylists at Madeline’s Hair Replacement are licensed cosmetologists, whose training in the art of hair coloring and styling has focused on the latest in hair replacement technologies. All of our team members are qualified to counsel people who have difficult cosmetic decisions to make following cancer treatments and other conditions that result in hair loss. Each stylist has extensive training and background in cutting, coloring and styling hair systems to create a great hair style which looks very natural. Our caring staff and stylists will help you restore the look you remember and loved or create a fabulous new look just for you. We understand that treating hair loss is not a one solution fits all. We take the time to match your hair type, color and density to customize a hair system that will work perfectly for you!

Nicole Staples, Owner and Hair Replacement Specialist

Nicole knows first hand the emotional and physical struggles that accompany hair loss.  At twenty years old Nicole lost all her hair to a condition called Alopecia universallis. Her own personal experience with hair loss inspired her to help others with hair loss. She often says, “losing my hair to alopecia has been both the worse thing and the best thing that ever happened to me.”  When it first happened it was traumatic and life altering but now she feels so blessed to use her experience to help others. You can read more of Nicole’s story below!

Julia Fournier, Hair Replacement Specialist

Julia’s compassion is derived from her experience with alopecia areata as a child and teenager. Throughout her life Julia has had alopecia areata which would flare up and cause round patchy spots of hair loss. She knows the emotional struggle that comes with constantly worrying about one of her bald spots showing. She loves that she is able to help take away hair loss worry by restoring her client’s hair and confidence.

Harley Frisbie, Hair Replacement Specialist

Harley's compassionate spirit, creative instincts, and experience in both men and women's cutting, coloring and styling made her the perfect addition to Madeline's team of stylists. Before joining the Madeline’s team she was an educator, teaching new & upcoming cutting and coloring techniques in Boston. Harley ’s compassion and desire to help others is driven by her personal experience with hair loss resulting from weight loss and life change as an adolescent. The emotional rollercoaster she faced while losing her hair and then regrowing it gives her first hand knowledge of the emotional struggle those face while experiencing hair loss. 

Breanna Gato, Front Desk Manager

Breanna graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She will help you through the process at Madeline’s by scheduling your appointments, navigating your insurance and answering any questions that you have about hair replacement. Many people don’t know that their insurance company may provide coverage for a hair replacement. When you visit us for a consultation, Breanna will call your insurance company to find out if there is coverage available under your policy. If so, she will submit a claim to your insurance company and keep tabs on the claim to ensure it is processing properly. Most importantly, she will welcome you to Madeline’s with a smile and make sure your experience is positive!


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