"I was probably one of the most nervous client’s Nicole has ever seen. When I came in for my consultation I was shaking I was so nervous. My cancer diagnosis had been a roller coaster of emotions and doctors appointments but my biggest fear was losing my hair. Just the thought of it made me sick. After meeting with Nicole I felt so much better! When I got my hair system, I couldn’t believe how much it looked just like my hair! Nicole was amazing! After all the cutting and styling she did the hair system looked just like me! After I got my hair system I went to my hair dresser’s salon who I’ve been seeing for over 15 years to show her my new hair. When I got there I talked to the receptionist and other stylist who I’ve talked with every 4 weeks at my regular hair appointments. No one blinked an eye. But the real test was seeing my hair dresser. I took her aside and told her the reason I had to cancel my last appointment was because I was going though chemotherapy treatments. She looked at me and said, “oh no, are you going to lose your hair?” When I told her, “I already have.” my hair dresser was so confused. She couldn’t believe it was a hair system! All the employees at the salon were so impressed, they had no idea I was wearing a hair system! I feel so confident with my hair system. If it can fool a room full of trained hair experts, it can fool anyone! Thank you so much! I am forever grateful! Thanks so much!"

"I love my partial hair system! It has given me back some of my confidence and some of my personality. I feel so better about myself and look so much younger! I feel like the person I used to be before all my thinning hair issues started. I wish I would have done this two years ago! It took me months to get the nerve to call for an appointment and I am so glad I finally did! Everyone was just so nice and caring. It was truly such a positive experience. I changed my Facebook photo the first day I got my new hair and got 107 likes and 41 comments telling me how great I looked. I don’t think I had ever had more than 20 likes on a photo before!"

"I have had so many compliments on my hair and those close to me who know what I did (for the most part) have told me how natural it looks! The woman who does my own hair- she also loved it and said that you ladies obviously are good at what you do! Many thanks especially to my stylist Julia!"

"Thank you so much to the staff at Madeline’s! You do amazing work and have impacted my life and sanity (lol) so much! All of my family and friends cannot believe how much my hair looks just like my style (but better)!! My oncologist was so confused when I came in after my third treatment and still “hadn’t lost my hair.” When I told him I had, and that I was wearing a hair system from Madeline’s he just about fell out of his chair! He could believe it was a hair system! He told me it was the best “wig” he had ever seen!! I am loving my hair and the care free life style it has provided me while going through treatment. Thank you so much!!"

"I just have to thank you one more time for this miracle that is now MY head of hair!! I thought you would like to know that after getting my hair and leaving your salon, we went to the beach and the wind was STRONG!!  Have to admit, I was really hesitant about being there, but I quickly realized I had nothing to worry about! It didn't move a bit, and I think that was a really good test!  Of course the actual hair was blowing and that felt great!!  I know I'm using a lot of exclamation points, but that's because I'm so happy!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I will admit, I am not an easy person to please when it comes to my hair. I have never had a good experience or gotten good results at a hair salon, so I was nervous about coming to Madeline's but my thinning hair was really becoming noticeable and I was sick of wearing hats. So I made the decision to see what Madeline's could offer me. I met with Nicole and she was wonderful! She was so patient and helpful, willing to take the extra time to answer all my questions and concerns (and I had ALOT). I walked away from my consultation appointment feeling confident with the decision we made to do a partial hair system to help bring my hair up to a natural looking density. I assumed I'd need a full wig but Nicole showed me how a partial system would work great with the amount of hair I do have and make my hair look natural. I couldn't be happier now that I have the hair piece. I feel like the new and improved me! It has given me a new lease on life! I am so happy with my decision!"

"Madeline's is so wonderful! I saw them before losing my hair to chemotherapy treatments so they could see how I wear my hair and match the color. I was hoping the wig would be similar enough to my hair that it would be hard for those who know me to tell it was a wig. They exceeded my expectations!! The wig they customized to match my hair couldn't have been any closer my to hair! I went into my regular salon with the wig on so that I could show my stylist. I have been going to that salon for 15 plus years. All the employees at the salon including my stylist did not realize that I had a wig on! They were so impressed!!! My oncologist told me that I had the best hair replacement system that she had ever seen. I could not be more happy with the quality of the wig not just in looks but also in comfort. I had to wear it all through the summer and did not find it to be hot at all! Because of Madeline's I was comfortably able get through chemo and was able to feel like myself the whole time."

"How can I begin to thank Madeline’s for all they have done for me? At age 20 I was diagnosed with Alopecia, and have lost ALL of the hair on my head in the 19 years since. After trying hats and other various ways to cover it up, I finally decided to do something different about it. And that's where Madeline’s came to the rescue! I was fitted me with an absolutely wonderful hair system, and I feel terrific. Being in real estate, I need to look pulled together and polished - the hair prosthesis is comfortable, easy to take care of, and looks so good. Thank you Madeline’s for giving me the confidence to focus on things other than my (lack of!) hair when I'm with people!"